51st World Congress on Men in Nursing 2019

Reasons for low representation of males in nursing The reason mainly being the stereotypic thought that comes to our mind when we talk about the profession Nursing. We always instantly imagine a woman when the word Nurse strikes our mind. At a time when women are flocking to once male-dominated fields like law and medicine, men are comparatively less in number in the female-dominated field of nursing. lack of male interest in the profession, low pay, nursing job titles such as Sister and Matron, and the perception that male nurses will have difficulty in the workplace carrying out their duties are few more major reasons for poor representation of men in the field of Nursing. Women To Men Ratio In Nursingstereotypes of nursing lack of male interest in the professionMale nursing discriminationlow pay in the professionResearch For Education, Guidelines and Universal DevelopmentsTechnologies to Influence NursingState Nursing Council
The Commonalities and Differences in Nursing (male) Nurs…